The Landing Strip



The airliner from Moron Airways was preparing to land at O'Hare Field.

The pilot radioed the control tower that he thought the runway was too
short to land on. The tower radioed back that it was more than long

In a few minutes the pilot again radioed about the runway length, only
to receive the same reply. On final approach, the pilot radioed again
that he thought the runway was too short, only to receive an
exasperated reply that the runway was long enough and to go
ahead and land.

Sure enough, the plane touched down and ran into the passenger
terminal, resulting in major damage and great loss of life.
After the plane came to a halt, the pilot turned to the co-pilot said,
"See, I told them the runway was too short".

To which the co-pilot replied, "Yeah, but did you see how wide that
it was?"