How You Can Tell When It's REALLY Cold Outside



10. Your dog tells you that he'll "hold it" until later.

9. You kick your car because it doesn't start, and the car shatters.

8. Your nose isn't runny, but only because your snot is frozen.

7. Joggers keep getting stuck to the sidewalk.

6. The parking lot looks like Superman's "Fortress of Solitude".

5. Snowball throwing constitutes 'Assault with a Deadly Weapon' charges.

4. The fire department has an "Emergency Tongue Release" line.

3. The paperboy scans the newspaper onto his computer and just sends
you an e-mail.

2. Your breath crystallizes in front of you, and pokes you when you
walk into it.

1. You keep your front door open because you really ARE trying to
"heat the whole neighborhood."